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Living Beyond 120

Feb 26, 2019

Mark and Dr. Gladden open the show discussing some of Mark’s health and fitness progress, and they touch on how to safely obtain and use peptides.

Next, they invite Dr. Kevin Wacasey onto the show. After a background in emergency room care, Dr. Wacasey opened a direct patient care (also called direct primary care) practice in 2013. He started this in reaction to seeing his patients paying massive amounts for basic care, because of their insurance. They discuss a number of issues related to our “sick care system” that exists in the U.S., calling for an end to the managed care model. They talk about the independent healthcare mindset and how patients need to be educated about what they’re actually paying for. As insurance dictates what tests or procedures you can or cannot get, you may be denied the care you really want. 

Our current insurance system is profit-driven, not outcome-driven or patient focused. To be at our best health and performance, we must take control of our own health care.

Special Guest:

Dr. Kevin Wacasey

Kevin Wacasey studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and fulfilled his residency in Emergency Medicine at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Kevin has held a certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine since 1999.

Dr. Wacasey has published two books focusing on health insurance and healthcare. His first book called The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Carewas published in 2016 and second called Healthcareonomics – 1,000 Crazy Ways American Health Insurance Controls America’s Health Carewas published a year later in 2017.

To go along with his two publications, Dr. Wacasey also has a blog and YouTube Channel that he contributes to regularly. Both the blog and YouTube Channel are called “Healthcareonomics”.

Currently, Dr. Wacasey is the attending physician and owner of Concierge Medical Practice in Fort Worth, Texas.

Connect with Dr. Kevin Wacasey:




Twitter:  @Hconomics